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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Guided Walks in the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Guides are pleased to announce their programmes of guided walks for the coming spring and summer seasons. Details are on the Sierra Nevada Guides website.

Walking in The Taha Gorge

The Spring programme of walks in the Alpujarra also includes an ascent of Trevenque 2079m which though not being in the Alpujarra is a fine "low altitude" peak sometimes described as the "Matterhorn" of the Sierra Nevada. The walk through the Taha being one of the best hill walking days you'll find anywhere...........

Walkers in the Alpujarra
Mondays - Hills and Terraces and Acequia's above Lanjaron, walking with a local landowner / guide who will explain the local landscape, farming and wildlife. 5 to 6 hours, a little strenuous.

Tuesdays - A circuit in the Taha walking a medieval path through old "arab" villages through terraces and a spectacular gorge crossing a Roman bridge. Not to mention the water fountain with naturally carbonated water! 5 to 6 hours walking, strenuous.

Wednesdays - An ascent of Trevenque 2079m, the Matterhorn of the Sierra Nevada. 5 hours walking, with one steep strenuous ascent / descent.

Thursdays - A circuit in the Rio Poqueira and the pretty white villages of Capileira, Pampaneira and Bubion.
5 to 6 hours of walking a little strenuous.

Fridays - Glimpses of Mulhacen!
A walk in the forrests above Capileira to Hoya del Portillo and Puerto Molina 2380m. 5 to 6 hours walking a little strenuous.

All of the guided walks are priced at 40 Euro's per person and are led by qualified British, International Mountain Leaders.

The Summer programme - of walks in the Sierra Nevada is aimed at tackling the higher peaks which will be a cool relief to the heat of summer.  These include ascents of Mulhacen 3482m the highest mountain in mainland Spain, Veleta 3396m,  Alcazaba 3364m and Caballo 3011, Europes most westerly 3000m peak.

Walkers at The Caldera Refuge, Sierra Nevada

The upper Rio Lanjaron near Caballo
Mondays - Mulhacen 3482m, the highest mountain in mainland Spain. Starting in Capileira and catching the National Park bus to 2700m, we ascend Mulhacen's south ridge to the summit. Our descent is down the west flank with glimpses of the impressive north faces of both Mulhacen and Alcazaba before reaching the Caldera Refuge, Rio Mulhacen and Poqueira Refuge. 8 hours of walking, 1100m of ascent, fairly strenuous.

Tuesdays - Veleta 3396m, the 2nd highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada. Starting from Hoya de la Mora at 2500m.  After the summit we visit the Carihuela Refuge and the Lagunas de la Virgin. 7 hours. A day mainly on good paths that is not too strenuous.

Wednesday - Alcazaba 3364m, the 3rd highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada and most remote of the big three. Starting in Capileira and catching the National Park bus to 2700m, we ascend Mulhacen's south ridge before traversing around to Siete Lagunas. We then make a circuit on Alcazaba descending through Siete Lagunas with its wonderful flowers before traversing back around Mulhacen to the start.  7 to 8 hours of walking with 900m of ascent, some steep and off path.  This is a strenuous day.

Thursdays - Caballo 3011m, Europe's most westerly 3000m peak. Not to be missed or underestimated. A route taking in not only the summit of this fine peak but our descent takes us to the Caballo Refuge and into the upper Rio Lanjaron. 8 hours of walking, 1100m of ascent, a strenuous day out.

Fridays - Mulhacen 3482m, a repeat on Monday's itinerary.

Like the Spring itinerary, all of the guided walks are priced at 40 Euro's per person and are led by qualified British, International Mountain Leaders.

Further details and how to book these walks are on the Sierra Nevada Guides website:
Spring Programme of walks in the Alpujarra

Summer programme of walks in the Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Mountain Rescue

Helicopter landing at the Refugio Poqueira in winter
Spain does not have a volunteer mountain rescue service, however a dramatic rescue of 2 climbers from the north face of Mulhacen on Monday 17th March demonstrates that if you do get into difficulties in the mountains, rescue is possible.

The 2 climbers had left the Refugio Poqueira to climb the rugged north face of mainland Spain's highest mountain where winter conditions include snow, ice and often high winds.  When they had not returned by late evening, the guardian at the refuge informed the Guardia Civil, who had managed to contact the climbers on their mobile phone to ensure they were safe, but belayed on the mountain face. The following morning a rescue helicopter managed to find them and help them down.

Although a difficult situation to be in, it is very comforting to know that our friends at the Refugio Poqueira are vigilant when asking where we are going and the Guardia Civil have skilled mountaineers able to undertake a rescue should this be needed.

Sierra Nevada Mountains in Winter (taken by Refugio Poqueira)

You can read more about the rescue in El Mundo, including a great video clip of the rescue.

The Refugio Poqueira publishes regular updates on conditions in the mountains during the winter months.