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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Best Path in the World! Spring Walks in The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada

The Best Path in the World!
Spring Walks in The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Guides, spring walking season of is in full swing at the moment with several groups on “back to back” holidays in The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada.  The weather in Spain two weeks ago was unseasonably hot which brought the flowers out slightly earlier than usual and making for superb walking holidays which our guests have been enjoying.

Always a favourite is a walking circuit in an area of the Alpujarra known as the Ta Ha. Starting at the pretty white village of  Fondales the route we follow takes us through Ferreirola and past a “fizzy” spring of naturally occurring carbonated water  before ascending to Busquistar.

Spring Walking in The TaHa

On this section of the walk we pass through terraces as well as spectacular crag scenery. One of the features of the Alpujarra region is the "aira" a flat section of land, usually on a promontory where the wheat and cereals were "thrashed."

Ferreirola with an "aira" in the foreground

At Busquistar we descend into the ravine and take a spectacular medieval path which has been hewn out of the steep craggy hillside. The route now follows a road for a short distance before taking a forest track towards the medieval Arab water tank at Aguila.

The final descent down another medieval cut path is surely one of the best and most spectacular paths in the world! In places the path has been hewn out of the rock whilst in parts it is held in place by ancient stone walls that seem to hang off the steep craggy hillside.  And it gets better with a Roman bridge crossing the river at the bottom.

The Best Path in the World!
 All that remains is the ascent back up to Fondales and a well earned beer at our favourite bar in the village of Mecina.

Although a strenuous walk due to the two steep ascents, it is a relatively short
(12k) walk.  We always tell clients that it their holiday and there are no prizes for being first! At a leisurely pace we complete the route in 5 to 6 hours. A Ramblers grade of A2.

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