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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Laguna de Carnero

The Sierra Nevada in summer is arid and dry it’s a special event then when a new there is chance to walk to a laguna or tarn. Laguna de Carnero lies just below the 2,700m contour north of Pico de Cartujo and is not easy to find even when following a GPS route and studying what maps are available. The path we followed breaks off the west ridge of Cero de Caballo about 45 minutes and 450m of ascent after leaving the Mirador at Rincon de Niguelas. A cairn marks a feint path traversing the hillside for some way before finally petering out on the slopes of Cuerda de la Dehesa. From here we followed our noses contouring into an open bowl on the mountainside. The laguna was not obvious, though what was was a couple of large dogs which seemed to have been left to look after the cattle grazing on the lush grass of the area. After a few false starts climbing up to what appeared to be obvious sites for the laguna we finally decided to do the obvious and follow the stream which lead us directly to a small area of water perched below an open boulder field. The return route followed an acequia running from the stream across toward Fuenta Fria. The walk by the acequias is an easy enough route luckily cooled somewhat by the water running along side. A final descent by a waterfall leads to broad track leading back toward the car. A final 250m ascent in the afternoon heat got us back to the car at the mirador. A great walk across much underused mountain side and well worth the trip.

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