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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sierra Nevada Mountain Camomile - Artemisia granatensis

Sierra Nevada Mountain Camomile

The Mountain Camomile: Artemisia granatensis is found exclusively in the Sierra Nevada in dry grassland on loose rock over 2500m.  It has traditionally been sought after and used as a medicinal plant for stomach complaints, and its reputation was such that large amounts of money were paid to obtain its benefits. Over exploitation has brought this plant to the edge of extinction and there is now a programme within the National Park to increase its population.

The Mountain Camomile: Artemisia granatensis 

Those once common, it now mainly occurs in the more inaccessible areas where the camomile pickers “manzanilleros” were not able to exploit it.

The one we didn't find!!
This week Mike and Jane from Sierra Nevada Guides decided to “have a look” for the plant using someone’s photo from the internet which gave a good idea of its general location.  Whilst descending from Veleta 3396m the 2nd highest summit in the Sierra Nevada they chose a route via the San Juan valley which would bring them under the old observatory. However not actually carrying a copy of the photo they failed miserably.

Two days later making a traverse on Cerro de los Machos 3327m they were rewarded with seeing several plants in two separate locations.

Cold Fleabane - Erigeron frigidus
Generally the alpine flowers in the Sierra Nevada are stunning in June and July. The Sierra Nevada boasts some 86 endemic species of plants and many more endemic species of fauna.

Sierra Nevada Guides are particularly interested in the areas wildlife and are keen to share our knowledge during the walks we lead.

Sierra Nevada Guides are the only qualified British Guides (International Mountain Leaders) operating in the Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada Guides are always happy to help you plan your trip to the Sierra Nevada, even if you do not use a guide (though you will have an easier time if you do!).

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